About Jennifer R. Cochran-Green

Families can change drastically over time. Some couples decide to get married and start a family, while others may find themselves drifting apart and contemplating the end of their relationship. These are all major events in your life, and you need to know what you should do to protect yourself before you make any decisions.

It is critical for you to be able to talk to an experienced attorney about the challenges you are facing. Jennifer Cochran-Green takes the time to discuss your concerns, and then work with you to create a plan that is focused on protecting the ones you love the most.

We represent clients with a host of different family law concerns, including divorce, child custody, adoptions, reproductive law concerns, as well as modifications to existing support and custody agreements. We also have devoted a large portion of our practice to helping LGBT families who need assistance with a family law issue.

We make every effort to find a reasonable solution prior to trial, but we know that this is not always possible. If your case has unresolved issues, we stand ready to zealously advocate for you in the courtroom.

In many situations, our clients have never needed to talk to a lawyer about any other legal issues in the past. We know that things can seem overwhelming at this time, and we can help you focus on the future.

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@AAMLFellow Jun 27, 23:04

Support for #SameSex Marriage Grows, Even Among Groups That Had Been Skeptical https://t.co/ZOolT6ufTZ @pewresearch

@jencochran Jun 27, 02:50

Thank you SCOTUS! Victory! https://t.co/20TAivV89l

@jencochran Jun 24, 17:12

Now that parents are past the high school graduation celebrations, it's time to think about planning! https://t.co/2yXxfbRFM5

@jencochran May 06, 15:34

New Blog Post - Mother's Day: A Time for Reflection and Celebration https://t.co/R1dsa1UdZV

@jencochran Apr 26, 03:49

State Department Notice for those who adopted internationally https://t.co/1CIAXCZ6us

@jencochran Mar 28, 18:08

Senate committee considers adoption legislation https://t.co/vTIeSNBL7D

@jencochran Mar 28, 17:04

Jennifer Cochran-Green testifies before the TX Senate State Affairs Committee on adoption bills https://t.co/JOpUnHiRyv

@jencochran Mar 23, 01:28

Ever wondered how to choose a guardian for your kiddos? This workshop is for you! https://t.co/pnU4L9O0tP

@jencochran Mar 18, 15:34

Free event for foster care awareness! Featuring Rodney Foster and Kyle Hutton https://t.co/gq1VKpADTi

@jencochran Mar 18, 14:24

Adoption Community Seeks Safeguards in New Immigration Policies https://t.co/7lKcfTERiq

@jencochran Mar 02, 20:01

Want to stay up to date on adoption and family law news? We have an "app" for that! Click on the link below and... https://t.co/YaizIUZFvj

@jencochran Mar 01, 22:14

Attachment: How Ours Impacts Theirs https://t.co/8RnTbrMf3Y

@jencochran Feb 28, 16:31

Interested in learning more about the Adoption Tax Credit? Register for this free webinar hosted by Becky... https://t.co/6QJXNvUYeS

@jencochran Feb 25, 15:12

Are you attending A Future and A Hope Conference today? Stop by and say Hi! #adoptionknowledgeaffiliates https://t.co/7iPUj0Htaq

@jencochran Feb 21, 15:05

Latest Blog Post: Nothing Says I Love You Like a Prenup https://t.co/ZBjhenXNcx

@jencochran Feb 01, 21:00

My heart goes out to all the families who have been affected by the abrupt closing and bankruptcy of Independent... https://t.co/qSryaO8eSG

@jencochran Feb 01, 20:50

News: Jennifer Cochran-Green has been elected President of the Board of Directors for Adoption Knowledge Affiliates!

@jencochran Jan 11, 18:14

So excited to speak to my networking group tomorrow! I'm presenting tips on testifying in court! Join us at... https://t.co/FkXw9SQKnV

@divorcemagazine May 04, 20:41

Understanding Toxic Relationships: What Makes a Relationship Toxic? https://t.co/VAsmSCgGHs #toxicrelationships

@Gerry_Beyer Dec 27, 18:05

Tips For Protecting An Estate From Capital Gains Taxes https://t.co/RzCak9pvoJ

@surrogacylawyer Nov 25, 03:41

New case bodes well for Sofia Vergara in #frozenembryo battle #embryo #embryodispute #NickLoeb https://t.co/D1td0swjiN via @msnbc

@jencochran Nov 25, 03:38

@RobynGobbelLCSW <-- your new site is great!!

@ObamaWhiteHouse Jun 26, 18:52

Today's decision is a victory for America. See reactions from around the country → http://t.co/iL3S3zlFCx #LoveWins http://t.co/Fc8kBaVfvu


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